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To all who truly believe that anything is possible and have the courage to follow their dreams; who take action and who inspire others to do the same.

May this book serve as an inspiration for you to listen to your heart and follow the path towards your desired destination, knowing that failures and problems along the way are simply gifts for you to experience a better journey


Foreword by Simon Bryant

Wow, a recipe book that quite literally throws the measuring cups and spoons out the window but guides you with some solid METHOD.

This is exactly how good cooks become great, by understanding the feel and idea of a recipe and turning that into a meal. With a generous handful of encouraging guidance and tips from the author, you add a splash of your own intuition and experimentation; that sounds like a recipe for success to me.

Grace's book is much more than that though, it’s a collection of great dishes that are tried and tested in her everyday life as a vegan and raw foods guru through her work at the helm of Bliss Organic Café's kitchen. If you thought that vegan food / raw food was boring or too hard then chuck out your scales and get ready for a ride. Consider Grace and "...blissful cooking" your road map so you don't get lost, but it’s up to you how you get to the final destination



It has been both such a great challenge and privilege to write this book. I would like to take this opportunity to say “THANK YOU” to the number of very special people who contributed to making this book happen.

Dave Laslett – For taking amazing pictures of food created with Love. You are such a talented and dedicated photographer!

Samuel – You know how much you mean to me. Thank you for giving me so much joy. Thank you for choosing me as your mum. It is such a wonderful journey of motherhood, having you beside me. Thank you for accepting my lessons, my love and the beliefs I have been and will be sharing with you. I love you. Kocham Cię. “Noski Noski Eskimoski” :)

Shane Ward – Firstly, thank you so much for your constant support. I have been privileged and honoured to work with you at Bliss Organic Café so we can create happiness, harmony and health in every Bliss guest’s world. We do make a difference and I am proud of you and the path you took in this life to help others in this world.

Mum and Dad – A special thank you to my Mum and Dad, Ewa Saławiła and Ryszard Saławiła and my brother, Krzysiu, for their utmost love and encouragement. Mamuś, Tato – dziękuję za danie mi życia, bycie częścią Waszego życia i wychowanie, które pomogło mi stać się osobą, którą jestem teraz.

Dad – Thank you for being there for me and reminding me of the free spirit and artist in me. Thank you.

Babcia Zosia – For being with me all this time and reminding me to dance when I needed it most. I can feel your love around me. Thank you.

Ann and Tim Ward – For your acceptance, tolerance and patience for all the ongoing changes in Shane’s life thanks for your understanding and amazing support; every time we needed you, you were always there for us! Thank you for looking after Samuel on Saturdays and any other odd days so we could work towards saving the world, one mouthful at a time.

Jophiel – For guiding my creativity and inspiration and helping me see and appreciate the beauty around us. For being there when I search for answers to the questions in my life and wish the greater wisdom to be revealed to me and for helping me experience flashes of insight in which everything suddenly becomes clear.


Sarah Divine – Thank you for the valuable time spent on correcting my Polish English when it was necessary. Your continuous support has been a blessing to me.

Mike Hevenor and Maciej Kaszuba – Thank you for giving me opportunities to further grow and develop the professional skills that shaped who I am today. You were the extraordinary supervisors I learnt so much from. Thank you.

Darren Stephens – My book mentor who was the inspiration for this book. Darren, thank you for sharing your knowledge, expertise and time with me. Thank you for reminding me that that all the choices we make are ours -we can create the life we want. Thank you for helping me to achieve this.

Global Publishing Group – A huge thank you to my publisher, Global Publishing Group and to the awesome team - Jackie, Lesley, Helen and Michelle, for your dedication, keeping me on track and for your huge commitment to this book’s success.

Alicja Szostak, Bartek Dzikowski, Ciara Bridgeland, Maciej Malinowski, Graeme Arber and Darek Ludzkowski –Thank you for your soul mateship that reminds me everyday why we are here on Earth. I love you so much.

Bliss Wonderful Crew – Past, Present, Future – Jahnava Walsh, Nadia Tran, Rohan Smith, Rachel, Cherie Wilkinson, Renae Melnyk, Jessica, Paulina Toro, Eve Hope, Corey, Rose, Kelly, Jeff Cutten, Jane Gregory, Remy, Hayley, Myall, Neesan Gazmere, Natalie Hanuka, Keitha Haycock, James, Max, Mason Somerville, Todd Dearing, Maddy, Tessa Hodge, Hannah, Kaitlyn, Ali, Susie Emeny, Jess, Kari, Amber Rose, Rick, Carly, Di, Ryan, Steve, Maria Pia de Razza, Rachael, Nathan, Heather, Zoe, Sam Hall, Serena, Maddy, Chad, Kate, Maisie, Karina, Tammy, Eva, Shirley, Charlie, Laura, Geeta, Katara, Bec, Robbeka, Aim, Amy Light, Mia, Carrie, Gina Somerfield, Peter, Liz, Jo, Phoebe, David, Judyth, Zoe Papez, Monica, Lizzie, Katherine Russell, Soraya, Marley, Rose, Penny, Ruth, Nathan, Monika Lubanska, Natalie, Hannah, Geeta, Emma, Paulina, Alex Nuzzo, Ashley, Shannon Lloyd, Austin, Mike, Pip Coogan and all the ‘one day trial’ staff at Bliss for giving me an opportunity to work with you, learn from you and share with you.

Paolo Coelho and Anthony de Mello – Thank you for your wonderful work towards humanity, peace and love. You helped me believe I can seek and find my treasures! Love is everywhere, here and now.

Huna – Thank you for sharing the powers of the mind and the forces of nature. Reality is what we believe and think it is.

George Michael, Kylie Minogue, Peter Gabriel, Moby, Michael Jackson, Sting, Deva Primal and so many other music creators – A big thank you for providing incredible masterpieces that heal, entertain and lift the spirits.

Tony Robbins and Pat Mesiti – Thank you so much for your inspirational stories and for creating an environment that inspires and helps others with their personal growth. I am sure that thousands of people’s lives have been, are and will be influenced by the stories and insights that you have shared. You walk your talk.

Simon Bryant, Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver – I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for sharing your knowledge of and expertise in the culinary world. Your cooking and “ruling the kitchen” have been truly inspirational.

Colleen Patrick-Goudreau and Hannah Kaminsky – Gratitude for sharing recipes and inspirations so I was able to create my own wonderful desserts and meals. I love your books, girls!

IAC (International Academy of Consciousness) Crew– Thank you Kim McCaul, Ana Lage, Jaclyn, Michael, David, Jeff Lloyd and others, physically and extra-physically, for sharing your knowledge, assistance and for your continuous support.

Bliss Amazing Customers and Friends – I would love to mention you all here; there are literally thousands of you, each of you so unique and beautiful. Special thanks to Dom, Graeme Arber, Steve, Trevor, Nima, Eamon, Maria Jones and Matt James, Louis, Priscilla, Jenny Phillips and John Phillips, Paula and Shaun, Barrie, Lindsay, Brandan, Grant/Jacob, Sarah, Jai, Irene, Paul and Richard, Zoe, Clodia, Bub, Jasmine, Laura, Sandy, Sam, Kayla, Catherine, Catherine and Paul, Trish, Tina, Lesley, Amanda, Bec, Rachel, Janita, Rex, John, Rachel, Claudia, Laura, Gee, Moira, Chris, Toby, Wendy, Jess Merrett, Glenn, Pax, Corin, John, Bridget, Priya, Gabriella, Helen, Natalie, Alyssa, Mel, Kale, Benno and Lara, Ken, Katariina, Mark, Matt, Michelle, Roselyn, Phil and Jaye, Radek, Sarah and Greg, Beau and Jodie, Alistair, Nicole, Tansy, Shane, Renae, and Nicky, Ben, Josh, Sharon, Don, Daniel, Sam, Georgina and Steve, Clodia and Simon, Adam, Jasmine, Nola, Helen, Carly, Elise and Brian, Ellen, Leah, Glenn, Dean, John, Jay, Danny, Mish, Penny, Tom, Sarah, Gayle and Wombat, Elaine, Karolina, Emma, Phoebe, Amanda, Sandy and more, all Bliss fans in Adelaide, customers from Australia and from around the world, all of those whose names have not been mentioned here and have come to Bliss to dine. You are all in my heart!

Bliss Supporting and Supplying Friends – Tony and Maria Scarfo, Steve Oldfield and the Crew from Steve’s Organics, Max, Jilbert and Crew from Organic Products Distributor, Tessa from Avo Trading, Amazing Crew from Loving Earth, Fantastic Team at Unique Health Products, Kayla Thompson from Natural Naughties, Di Teagle, Paulina Toro from Raw Life!, Donna Nelson, entire Adelaide team of New Internationalist, Rajan from Mudbrick Designs, Karen from Kitz Living Foods, Therese from Sunbread, Anthony and Sarah from Mojo Kombucha, Michael from Australian Carob, the Entire Amazing Crew at House of Organics in the Central Market, Marco and Mushroom Man Crew, Gaganis Family and staff, Angela and team at Wilsons Organics, Judith from Salads Greens, Jeremy, Amanda and Belinda from Vegan Perfection, Angie and Dave from Funky Pies, David from Rite-Pak, Jennie from Raw-Pleasure, Grant from Addiction Food, Shane from Pure Gaisha, Rebecca from Tielka, Sandy from Vegan Pet, Peter from Vegan Wares, Zena from Maharishi Ayur-Veda Teas, James from Environmental Toothbrush and Go Green Home, Matthew from ABC Marketing and Allison from Cosmo Foods, Trish and Scott from Little Earth, Jessica Bayley from Cruelty Free Shop, Josette from the Natural Company, Corrie from Hurraw, Glyde, Adam from Raw Guru and Windy City Organics, Sara from Sweet and Sara, Crew from Pyramid Organics, Demir from Deva Nutrition, Peter and Kylie from Ezy Health, Betta Life Crew, Kerry and Team from Bronhill, Amanda from Allamanda Foods, Cassandra from Soy Chicago, Rocky from the Vegg, Hayley Richardson from Raw Karma, Bec Teagle, Liv Pilla from Live a Little Gelato, anonymous sales people from Amazon US and Book Depository UK, Ann from Cycle Beads, Julie from Femme Cup, Kirsten from Diva Cup, Living Foods Team, Rebekah from Handmade Camphor Lauren Candelabras, Nature’s Quest Family, Vicki from Pure & Green, Leon and Craig from Egyptian Red, Southern Light Herbs Team, NTP Crew, Charming Waters Crew, Chris and Michelle from Kalangadoo Organic and Family, John and Paul from Dimattina, Aaron from Delicate Balance, Jeff from Lamyong, Sebastian from Simply Raw, Wakefield Press Crew, Carpets for Communities, Earth Greetings Team, Crew from Ecocreative, Kim and Trevor from Printak, Nestar, Helen Blair, Karen from Heart of Chocolate, Karen and Scott from Kitz Living Team, Eridu Team, Narelle Dandy and Campbell Dandy from Soupcan, Ulyana Michailov and many more who I have not mentioned here.

Bliss Talented Artists – Michelle and James from Wandering Minstrels, Andy Salvanos, Will Kallinderis, Rajan, Michael Law, Debra Gibson and The Rising Lotus, Mountain Man and Polly Plain, Steven Lennox, Alias, Rosie Burgess, Anne Donaghy, Bec Calabro, Petta Knee-Lah, Georgia Germein and Family, Elizabeth Ng, Maggie Ray, Tristan Bird, Geordie Little, Danielle Deckard, Sandro Abate, Antoniacoustic, Emma Horwood, Juno Juno, Citrus Jam, Natasha Luke, Lord Stompy, Fabian Caporaso, Rob McDade, Mel Hughes, Hugh Mclean, Damon Pearson, Elizabeth Lane, Kyle Thorsen, Danielle Reck, Life without Barriers Artists, Positive Life Art artists, Tony Straccia from Indigenu gallery, Jim and Alex from The BordererS with Asia and Rowan, Leigh-Chantelle, Trixie and Monkey, Laura Clarke, Nice Verdes, Liv Watson, Black Ruby, Freak and Showgirl (Mat and Julie), Jamie McPherson, Fridays, Tears of the Candle Michael Carney, Colin Hardman, Steve Case, Tikarma Vodicka, Danielle Madsen, Clare Rawlison, Cheryl Burvill-Holmes, Lauren-Jade Ryan, Mandi Whitten, Kelly-Jade, Kylie Goldsack, Sarah Georgi, Samatha Ibberson, Will Powrie, George and Kirstin, Jess Hancock, Lily French, Julie Frahm, Liz, Kylie, Claire Ishino, Sarah Donnell, Sarah Emmett, Bruce Meatheringham, Gabriella Player, Wendy, Yuri Isshiki, Violet Beaubois, Ashoka Chowta, John Willanski and many more I have not mentioned here.

Jason Wright from Thompson Coopers Accountants – For looking after my personal and Bliss finances so that I could afford to create this book.

Chandler Giles and Adelaide City Council– For continuous support provided to local fair trade businesses in the city.

Animal Liberation SA – Gratitude for your support and enormous work to help animals.

Finally but not least, I would like to thank all my family, relatives, friends, colleagues, and those whom I have briefly met in my life for sharing your stories, giving me messages and lessons for life, and for contributing to my present being.



Grace Love is an International Author and Award Winning Chef.

She's Executive Chef at Bliss Organic Cafe in South Australia.
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